What are YOUR must haves in a Tiny House RV?

When it comes to a tiny space it is always a give and take on what is more important for people to have. Some people prefer to have a bigger bathroom, some prefer a bigger kitchen and some prefer a bigger living room for entertainment. In two years of building over 20 Custom Tiny House RVs, we have built different floor plans and try to accommodate our customer needs and likes. Here are a few floor plans, pictures and ideas. 
What is more important for you to have in your Tiny House RV?

Tiny House Update


We have been busy busy building Tiny House RVs here in Nampa Id. We are almost done with the Blue fifth wheel (it will be ready and out the door next Friday) and we are moving quite along with the other tiny houses. We will be posting more pictures as our projects come closer to being finished.

Tiny House Storage Ideas


One of the most often asked questions about living in a Tiny House is storage. What can you do with all that stuff? If you haven’t already started downsizing you’ll want to do this first. Getting rid of things you’ve collected over the years is a very liberating experience and you’ll soon become obsessed with seeing how little you can live with…Really!
This is where thoughtful design and creativity comes into play. Every square foot must be taken advantage of and when this is done, you’ll find you actually have much more available space than you thought. 
See the photos below for some of Tiny Idahomes designs for creative storage solutions, 

Have some ideas? Please share them in the comments section!

Tiny House RV’s at Tiny Idahomes

We are currently working on 6 Tiny House RVs here at Tiny Idahomes. We are busy busy but things are going great. We are moving pretty fast with our fifth wheel (Carpathian Model), we will install the roof soon and continue working on the inside. Along side with the fifth wheel, we are framing a 24′ Clear Creek for a customer in Phoenix and  3 more tiny house rv’s that are at the trailer stage. Two of them will go to California and the other one will stay local. 

Tiny Idahomes will be at Tiny House Jamboree this year- August 5th -7th

Great News!!! Tiny Idahomes is going to participate this year to the Tiny House Jamboree in August, in Colorado Springs. We missed it last year as our baby girl was born late July, but this year we will be there and we are working on a show model that will be different from what we have built before.  We hope to see as many of you as possible at this show!!

Tiny House RVs at Tiny Idahomes

As promised, we are keeping you updated on the building progress of some of the Tiny House RVs Tiny idahomes is building right now. We are working on 3 tiny houses right now and starting on two more next week. Side by side with the Tiny Houses, we are working on a couple of prototypes that we are super excited about. So keep an eye on us for more photos and info

Great things happening at Tiny Idahomes

This January we have started on a few new Tiny House RVs and we are finishing up a few other projects we have been putting on a side for a while. We are excited to see our teardrop getting close to being done and the Airstream is just about done – ready to go to the upholster. We are working on a 35′ Fifth Wheel with 3 slideouts, a 28′ Clear Creek Model with shed roof and on a 26′ long Sejour Model. We have a few more Tiny House RVs starting soon so we will be posting more pictures soon! 

Trailers, Shells and Tiny House RVs

Do you want to build your own tiny house but you need someone to build you a trailer for it, Tiny Idahomes is now building Tiny House trailers. We will also start building and selling Tiny House Shells. We are still working on the pricing for the shells but once we get the pricing, we will be letting you all know and it will also be on our website. 
We are also starting on a few new projects along with our customer builds. We are looking forward to share more pictures with you as we work on them. 

Tiny House RV Financing

One of the biggest issues people still encounter when wanting to get a TIny House RV is financing. Tiny Idahomes is now working with quite a few Banks and Credit Unions that offer financing on our Tiny House RVs OAC. We can build you your dream custom tiny house at a very competitive rate and we can help you get it financed!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Tiny Idahomes would like to take a minute and thank all of our customers for their business and for trusting us as their builder and a special thanks to our families, friends and employees that encouraged and supported us all along!  2015 was a great year for us here at Tiny Idahomes! Not only we have built so many new tiny house RVs for our amazing customers but we also had the opportunity to donate a tiny house RV for a local organization that helps preventing drug and alcohol abuse, helped young children understand the tiny house living concept and also helped a foster child to have a better Christmas. The best moment of 2015 was the birth of our baby girl, the youngest addition to the Tiny Idahomes Family! We hope 2016 will be a great year as well and we hope to do more for our community and also we hope to build a lot more Tiny House RVs! 
Thank you all for a great 2015, we couldn’t have done it without all of you! Happy New Year!!!!