Caldwell Mobile Library

This bright, eye catching 26’ mobile library is a custom design created for the City of Caldwell. They came to the right place when looking for some special features.

This fun rolling library boasts many custom cabinets and shelving on the inside for all those books and 4 individual workstations. We also equipped it with a large custom fold down exterior workstation with pull up covering and a custom built, pull out wheelchair ramp to ensure that everyone can climb onboard.

And of course, to ensure we are being energy efficient, we have installed solar panels.

The Caldwell Public Library logo can’t be missed and will hopefully remind our kids that reading is fun!!!

Tiny House Down Payment Assistance Grants!!!!


If you are one of the individuals who is looking into the tiny house movement and tiny house living as one option for your life style, well, look no further. Here at Tiny Idahomes we can build your customized tiny house travel trailer where it will fit your needs and your life style. Weather you want a tiny house to hit the road with or keep it more stationary, our tiny homes offer the comfort and coziness everyone needs. Recently, Tiny Idahomes has partnered up with Operation Tiny Home, a nonprofit organization that helps with down payment assist grants to help people that have been affected by hardship as in natural disasters and our heroes. It is a great program and we are excited to work with such a great organization and be able to help some of you make your dream come true!

Are you Military or Veteran, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Personnel or Pre-K – 12th Grade Teacher? OR, do you live in an area that was affected by a hurricane, wildfire or any other natural disaster? Aging out of Foster Care? Surviving Souse of a Military Member or Public Protector? You might be eligible for a Down Payment Assistance Grant!!!

Have you worked hard to keep a good credit score but just can’t come up with the down deposits that most financial institutions are asking for? Tiny Idahomes and Operation Tiny Home have joined together to provide a Down Payment Assistance Grant to support those who are eligible! This grant will provide the qualified applicants with the financial boost they need to secure a stable home.

Click on the picture below to learn more about the program! If you think you qualify give us a call and we can start working with you on designing your new tiny house.




Tiny Idahome Financing

Tiny House Truck Camper

Tiny House Truck Camper

What happens when you cross a tiny house and a truck camper?  A 88 SQ FT tiny house that can go anywhere, camp anywhere, and tow anything.

2 years ago I started building truck campers because as a jet boat owner I understand the use for them. After 2 years in business I felt I had a product that was worthy of taking to the RV open house in Elkhart, Indiana. Finally, letting the industry know who I am and what I do. After arriving home RV PRO informed us the new Granite model was nominated for RV of the year and we received best of show at the open house. Read this article here

Today, we won Truck Camper Magazine Readers’ Choice Award for innovation of the year with our new tiny house interior in the Granite 11RL. I feel honored and humble for this response from the media on the Granite, as a lot of hard work has went into designing and building a truck camper. Read this amazing article here.

Tiny House Truck Camper

See the new 2019 Rugged Mountain Granite 11 RL here


Six important steps guide you when decorating your new home

Six important steps guide you when decorating your new home

Interior design and home decor does not always feel like the easiest field to dig into. However, it will always be of importance for as long as human kind moves around and keeps it interest of beautiful surroundings. Research studies during the past decades have shown that general content and happiness can be correlated to how beautiful one person’s surrounding are perceived. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but that does not take away the fact that if you regard your surroundings and your home as beautiful, your mindset and overall content will increase and improve to the better! This is something that everyone would benefit from!

But the first problem remains, interior design and the project of decorating your home beautifully is not always the easiest task. Therefore, we have written a small guide for you to go through and hopefully fins some guiding and useful advice whenever you find yourself browsing through online furniture shops.

Step 1: Do research on brands and style
Research, research and then a little more research. Why does this topic feel sometimes obnoxiously persistent in everyday life? But the fact is that without doing your thorough research, things will happen ad hoc and you will hence not feel content with your final choices. In the big ocean of interior brands one group stands out of everyone. Can you guess which one? Well, it is the Scandinavian design houses of course! Scandinavian interior design, with its unbarked and simple look has been on everyone and their mothers lips for many years now. Sleek oak wood, beautiful washed linen fabrics and a bright and uplifting palette are a few words that describes the Scandinavian design best. There are plenty of websites to browse through while doing your thorough research of Scandinavian furniture and interior. We have picked out a few examples for you to get started:

Reforma Sthlm – One of Scandinavia’s biggest inspirational websites where you easily can get inspired by everything from kids furniture with cool design to vintage and industrial interior. If you feel like buying something, they are also an e-commerce site so feel free to shop til you drop! Their focus is divided into two main parts. Danish, and modern interior as well as more rustic, vintage and industrial vibes. With good prices (it surely sometimes feel like you are shopping at one of the bid low cost furniture chains) and magnificent quality you will surely not find anything like it anywhere else. Make sure to be ready with your google translate button though, if you are not from Scandinavia that is. Otherwise be inspired by the beautiful pictures of homes and nice interior. It is just like a mini pinterest focused on only furniture and design!

House Doctor – The queen of Danish interior design. If you haven’t heard of House Doctor yet, be happy you are doing it now! They sell everything from sleek striped down wooden pieces, like drink trolleys, coffee tables and dining chairs to more bohemian and soft interior like seat cushions, decorative pillows, blankets and even vases and candle holders with ethnic patterns. The designs are always luxurious and high quality.

Bloomingville – The Danish furniture saga continues to the next of beautiful brands. Amongst Bloomingvilles range of everything from table cloths to decorative mirrors, you will find exclusive and fun design perfect for every home out there. With a fun and fabulous color palette and design that really has been though out outside of the box, you will get a smile on your face while figuring out how to decorate and furnish you apartment or house on this website. If you feel like getting something for yourself, why not head back to Reforma Sthlm and buy it. Reforma is the main retailer of Bloomingvilles products and you will surely be happy and satisfied with your new dining table or bureau.

Ib Laursen – For the people who wish to be different. If you don’t want your home to feel like the “home next door”, make sure to be inspired by the range of furniture you find at Ib Laursen. They use plenty of recycled materials such as old wooden doors and parts from former industries. The fact that they can use these wared parts and create them into amazing décor and furniture is something from out of this world! Buying vintage furniture online has suddenly become a possibility which is something that many people have not yet been informed of. But hey, here you go!
When your research is done and you have gotten a picture of what interior style you like, move on to our next step!

Step 2: Write a list of what you need
To not find yourself in a situation where you seem to drown in excess pieces of furniture that are just standing around doing nothing to no one, you need to figure out what you really need. And we need really, when we say really! This step is easy (and fun!) make a room-by-room plan where each room gets a list of what will be needed there. For example, in a bed room you will need a bed, blanket, decorative cushions, a night stand, a wall shelf, maybe a secretary with matching chair, a couch or an armchair, Some beautiful vases and pots, a soft carpet and… stop there! By writing a structured list of what furniture you need and where, it will be easier to make a budget as well as visualize your future in your new home, which brings us on to the next step in this guide…

Step 3: Visualize 
We will try not to sound too new-age and hippie in this section, but visualizing your future somewhere will make it easier for you to actually create it for yourself. Step into the room you are decorating, for instance the kitchen, and try to really picture the colors, the fabrics, the materials and what will be placed where. Imagine you kitchen table, the plates and color palette and use all your new knowledge from the research you did at Reforma Sthlm. You will find yourself actually seeing what you want and how you want it to look. When this is done, head over to the next step!

Step 4: Plan and Shop
Bring out the note pad again, it is time for some planning! What furniture shops and interior boutiques have what you need? Do you want to go buy it physically or do you wish to purchase it online and get it delivered to your door step? Make a budget and make sure it is aligned with your monetary capability. Be smart and creative during this step, for a lot if people the actual planning is the most fun part of the interior process. You can structure your  shopping list in whatever way you feel is the most convenient. Either you do it after each room, with boxes to tick next to each item when it is purchased and receiver. But the easies way is to do it after what shop you will get what. To give you an example: Let us say that you want to buy that beautiful lamp from House Doctor, that eye catching book shelf from House Doctor and that beautiful vintage coffee table made of recycled wood from Ib Laursen, fins a store that offers all of these items and structure the list from there. Too continue on the same example, the online furniture store Reforma Sthlm offers all of these items and thus you can tick off the boxes next to each items when you have gone through with the safe and quick purchase. When buying furniture and home décor online make sure that the payment methods are safe, that the store you are buying from offers good customer service and for your safety, also make sure that the pieces you get are refundable. Hopefully you will be pleased with your new items but better safe than sorry, right!?

Step 5: Put everything together
The beautiful thing about online interior stores are the obvious fact that you get everything delivered to your doorstep. How did people manage 50 years ago? Let us be happy that we don’t need to drive around ourselves anymore. When you get the delivery, the fun begins. Make sure to have a friend or family over because this can still het heavy and sweaty! Putting all your need furniture together, whether it is that beautiful velvet couch or all the kitchen accessories that needs to be put into place, it will take time and energy. And together with a friend, assembling furniture becomes a lot more fun!

Step 6: Enjoy
When your new home is furnished and decorated it is time to enjoy your achievements every hour of every day. With your new home décor, such as astonishing mirrors, cool lighting and comfortable upholstery you can now live a life in beautiful peace. Just like research has shown, a comfortable and appreciated environment in your home will in fact improve your happiness and content and therefor this process is as fun as it is important and life changing.

Guest post by Anna Jonsson, Reforma 

The Ultimate Tiny House On Wheels

The creation of a world class tiny house.
It started as a vision.  

This couple was inspired to create their own tiny house reflecting their home away from home. Customization was key. Nobody could deny that this tiny house is unique. The first step was to find a builder to support their dream. Their search led them to Tiny Idahomes.

They wanted it all! A theater system and a custom light up shower. Custom LED Light Panels is what you see below with translucent fo marble paneling . This enhanced their design & appeal to this truly one of a kind tiny house . This modern way of back lighting has been designed by top notch designers from CPD lighting.

Tiny homes are more than just about features and design. They’re also about comfort, elegance and about that something extra that turns a tiny house into a “home”.

We hope that, through our incredible team, we can help you make the move to your next dream home.

About Tiny Idahomes Custom Tiny House Builders,

We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project including full design services, tiny house plans and expert advise focused on your new tiny home construction. We specialize in custom RV manufacturing and build the finest RV’s (tiny homes on wheels)!

We are a Family owned and operated business and perform all levels of RV building.

We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work,and you’ll agree that we’re the best choice for your tiny house project.

Do you love the ultimate simplicity in design and openness it exudes at its best? Call today 208-468-0576 to receive your complimentary custom quote. We look forward to building your dream home smaller & mobile.

Check out another tiny home on the blog by clicking HERE

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Baby Guessing Contest – Win up to $250 gift card to Amazon

It’s baby time!!! As most of you know we are expecting our second baby and we can’t believe we are officially 2 weeks away from meeting our new baby girl and welcoming her to our family this month. We are all so excited beyond belief – especially Brixley, our first born daughter who is so anxious to meet her little sissy.  All of us here at Tiny Idahomes have decided to play a little game that is fun and involves guessing the basics of our new baby like arrival date, time, weight and height. The person that guesses correctly or comes the closest can win up to $250 gift card to Amazon.

Baby Guessing Contest– Here is how it works. Everything will be based on a point system of the basics.  You will have 4 questions to answer correctly and we will give you points for getting them exactly correct and half credit for those not going over.

If you go over – NO points. The person that gets the most points wins!

  • Date of Birth – Here is a clue. Due date October 17th. Our first born came 3 days early. Get this answered correctly and you will get a full point if you will be under or no points if you are over.
  • Weight – Just guess the weight including ounces. If you go over – NO POINTS. If you get close but under – you receive one point. Nail and get two points.
  • Height – Good luck! Same goes for this.
  • Time of Day – I’ll give you a hint our first daughter was born at 6:23 a.m.

Score – I’ll tally those up and the person that has the most points wins! If for some reason there is a tie – we’ll choose a grand prize winner.

 We’re extremely excited to welcome our little angel soon.


New Beautiful Ozark Model $39,900.00

Introducing the Newest Tiny Idahomes Model – The Ozark


We are so happy to announce our newest model – The Ozark – 20′ long, one level, non lofted Tiny House Travel Trailer. Small, practical, easy to tow and park and equipped for off grid.

Over the last couple of years we got a lot of emails from all of you asking for a model that combines tiny houses and RVs for easier towing and handling, and we think the Ozark brings it all. Small, although spacious inside, combines comfort and modern perfectly!  Everything is at one level – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a roomy dinette built in a deep slide out.

The 2 tone kitchen cabinets, full height tile, modern stainless steel appliances, solid surface counter top – they all make it feel very homier and nicer.

The Ozark has lots of cabinet space in the kitchen. The 7′ bedroom has built in storage in the bed frame along with the side bed cabinets and upper cabinets.

To save on space, the Ozark brings a 3′ semi wet corner bathroom. To some of you the toilet in the shower may seem strange but the vast majority of people said that is not a problem.

The Ozark comes equipped with holding tanks, 12 volt system (battery operated) roof AC, Propane Furnace, Dinette Slide Out.

Let us know your thoughts about this model!!

***This model is available for sale – $39,900.00 ***


Boise, Id.  | 160 Sq Ft | $39,995


2 X 4 Construction

Blown in Fiberglass Batt Insulation – R-15 in walls, R-15 Ceiling and R-13 Floor

Board and Batt siding painted:  Sherwin Williams- Grizzle Gray #SW7068

Exterior Trim – Cedar – Stained, Valspar Natural

TPO Rubber Roofing – White

Vinyl windows – double pane – Sliding– tempered glass

Interior walls Bead Board –Painted – Sherwin Williams Standard White

Interior ceiling – Beetle Kill Pine, tongue and groove – clear coated

Interior Trim – Painted, Sherwin Williams – Standard White

Floor – one sheet vinyl –Congoleum – Glacier #9585

30” full lite, exterior Door painted Sherwin Williams Standard White

Front 7’ Bedroom – queen bed box with pull up storage

15” closet and 12” bedside cabinet with 12” upper cabinet storage

3’ Mid wet bathroom.  32” Moen Shower, RV toilet

Small sink with cabinet below, mirrored medicine cabinet, exhaust fan

12-volt lighting throughout

Rear 6’6” Slide out with built in U-Shape sitting/dining area

Rear Kitchen with stainless steel undermount sink and  pullout faucet

Furrion 24”, 4 burner, stainless steel cooktop

Furrion 30” convection microwave with built in exhaust fan, stainless steel

Furrion 24” built in oven in stainless steel

Dometic 7 Cu Ft RV stainless steel Refrigerator

Custom Shaker style cabinets – Lower Lacquered in Sherwin #SW7016 Mindful Gray and upper lacquered in white

Corian countertops– Flint

Backsplash – full height tile – Mystique Winter Mosaic glass and marble tile

Atwood 6 gallon water heater

Dometic RV Roof AC unit with interior controls

Atwood 20,000 BTU Furnace

Holding Tanks with 12-volt pump – 30 gal. black, 38 gal. grey, 40 gal. fresh

30 AMP RV 12-volt power converter panel,  25’Power Cord and Connection

RV Propane Connection with propane cover. Hose Bib water connection

Pex Plumbing pipe

3” Sewer  Connection

C02 Detector and Smoke Detector


Perfect time to live the dream and travel

The time is here to start thinking about finally building your tiny home. It is the perfect time to live the dream and travel.

We have exciting news. We are going to make it easy on you.

Until October 15th you will receive $2,000 off + 9,000 BTU Mini Split on 2 of our most popular tiny homes: The Cascade & Clear Creek from Tiny Idahomes (base models only). How cool is that!?

Contact us today!



P.S. Share this info to your friends and family.

The Cascade:

The Clearcreek:

Why Tiny Idahomes?

A highly personalized home buying experience.

What is it like, from start to finish, to buy a Tiny Idahome? It’s truly a unique experience. We’ve built first-rate customer service into every aspect of the buying process.

You bring a vision. We bring expertise. Together, we’ll navigate the entire home buying process to ensure that your home reflects your personal style. We offer:

  • On-site design consultations
  • We guide you through the process of planning and selecting the details of your new home – room by room. From countertops and cabinetry to bath fixtures and more, we guide you through each design decision.
  • We’re an RVIA member allowing the opportunity to finance your tiny with an RV loan

With Tiny Idahomes, your home can be truly one-of-a-kind.

Luxury Tiny House Build Yours Today

This luxury tiny house space has the most explosive window views. The experience continues throughout the residence, with a series of breathtaking moments reflecting a perfect balance between function and form.

A wealth of gorgeous Corian counter-top elements elevate the residence, lending the home warmth and dimension. The  Clear Creek affords its owner a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience traveling in perfect harmony; to live where the ocean meets the sky.


Here’s your chance to live in your own tiny.

About Tiny Idahomes Custom Tiny House Builders,

We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project including full design services, tiny house plans and expert advise focused on your new tiny home construction. We specialize in custom RV manufacturing and build the finest RV’s (tiny homes on wheels)!

We are a Family owned and operated business and perform all levels of RV building.

We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work,and you’ll agree that we’re the best choice for your tiny house project.

Do you love the ultimate simplicity in design and openness it exudes at its best? Call today 208-468-0576 to receive your complimentary custom quote. We look forward to building your dream home smaller & mobile.

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The Clear Creek 8’6 by 24′ Base Price $45,850


  • Exterior dimensions are 24′ long by 8’6″ total width that includes roof overhang and total height of 13’5″ tall which includes the trailer of 2′ from the ground.
  • New Custom made trailer designed for the weight distribution of your build
  • Insulation is blow in fiberglass and as follows R­13 floor, R­15 walls, and R­15 ceiling insulation r factors are a rough estimate
  • Smartboard board and batt siding
  • Metal roof, color of choice. Overhangs house walls by 2 inch on both sides.
  • 8′ loft above kitchen and bathroom
  • Rear bathroom with regular porcelain toilet, very small bathroom sink (as in picture), washer dryer hookups, 32”x32” shower pan with glue up shower walls and no shower door.
  • Mid kitchen with a single basin stainless sink with a pullout faucet, a Danby 4 burner propane rv stove with oven, and a 9.9 cu.ft. Danby fridge.
  • All kitchen cabinets to be Home Depot pre assembled in stock (call for other options)
  • One sheet Congoleum vinyl floor
  • Laminate Counter top
  • All interior walls to be pine tongue and groove or painted plywood with seams every 4′(color chosen by the customer)
  • Stairs are Pine custom built and as close to code as possible
  • 30 amp rv connection and 50 amp panel, all electrical devices to be white
  • 3″ rv twist drain connection, hose water connection plumbing pipe will be pex with chrome handles and fittings
  • Propane rv 6 gallon water heater mounted under kitchen sink with access door on outside wall
  • All windows to be white slider type and front door is 60″x80 french door.
  • 1-­24″x27″ obscured window (bathroom)
    2­-46″x39″ (living room)
    1­-24”x27” (kitchen)
    2­-46″x10″ (loft)