Portland Tiny House Conference 

Tiny Idahomes was pleased to be a sponsor and among the attendees for the Tiny house conference in Portland Oregon this past weekend. This was the first big event that we have attended, and did not know what to expect. It was a rough start as the custom build I was taking to the conference did not get finished and has never seen the road. Although not finished I believe it gave many people good ideas on how to build their own tiny house.  I was unfortunately not able to sit through any classes as we were always busy showing our tiny house/RV to people, but heard from many that they were enjoying the talks and info that was given. The best part of the whole event for me personally was to finally getting to meet in person many of the people I talk to on the web. I believe the people that are involved with the tiny house movement are in general some of the happiest and most easy going people I deal with and is a big reason why I enjoy my job so much.  Thank you Ryan you hosted a great event . I have attached what few pictures I have #THC2015

April’s Tiny Idahomes Update

Here are some pictures of this months projects.  It’s been a busy month, lots of exciting things going on. First off we are thrilled for the Portland Conference Show coming up, we will be one of the sponsors and the custom 5th wheel is looking great. Also, we have a raffle project we are working on. Tiny Idahomes is currently partnering with non-profit organization, Supportive Housing & Innovative Partnership Inc. to raffle off a trailer. We hope to be selling tickets sometime early May. The projects are coming along beautifully…please feel free to contact Tiny Idahomes if you are in the market for a custom RV…we are here for all your custom RV, tiny house and RV service needs.