New 26′ shed roof tiny house RV, finished by Tiny Idahomes

Here is the latest RVIA certified Tiny house RV that Tiny Idahomes finished, it is 26′ long with a shed roof cedar and metal siding. This unit has 2 skylights, french doors butcher block counter tops, laminate flooring, surround sound speakers,  mini split heat pump, with a 36″ shower. Many more items not in the description but please have a look at the pictures. 

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  1. Nice floor plan and it looks great from the outside. The only thing I saw that was a drawback is the interior paneling, it looks really cheap like the paneling that was used on older trailer houses. I’m guessing you offer other options for buyers at an additional price of course.

    1. Hello Barbara, we custom build all our tiny house RV’s. This unit here has been designed for one of our customers and this is their floor plan and design. Our customers get to choose pretty much everything that goes in their tiny house. We definitely have lots of options to offer to our customers. That is the fun part of building custom floor plans

  2. What is the size of the living room? it looks nice and big!! Is there wall space for a flat screen TV? The glass doors can be replaced with something else more solid I’m guessing. What is the heat source? Can you put a composting toilet in the bathroom?

    1. Elaine, the living room in this tiny house is roughly 7’6” X 12′. You can put a flat screen TV if you’d like – there is plenty of room in this one. Doors – you can change and go with whatever style you like and yes, you can do composting toilet. We custom build our units. They are all customers floor plans and designs.

  3. Love the design and lay-out. Only, I am handicapped, so can’t do stairs. So a loft is no option. Would love a floor plan that has no loft for a bedroom. Thanks so much.

    1. Vicki, we can do an electric loft, that way you eliminate the stairs issue and create more space. Check out, under photos, the 24′ cascade with cedar lap siding and electric loft as we have already built one. Send us an email if you have more questions. Thank you

    1. Hello Helen, we do have a 2″ overhang on each side. The pitch is 2.3/12. but we can make it as steep as you would like us to. As long as it is warm inside, snow will melt on the roof.

  4. Hi Brian, if all you want under your loft is a bath tub then we can do it. You can go with an electric loft in all of our models

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