Tiny House RVs at Tiny Idahomes

As promised, we are keeping you updated on the building progress of some of the Tiny House RVs Tiny idahomes is building right now. We are working on 3 tiny houses right now and starting on two more next week. Side by side with the Tiny Houses, we are working on a couple of prototypes that we are super excited about. So keep an eye on us for more photos and info

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  1. My name is Jeff Steele and I’m a owner of CES Solar Power Division here in Alabama.
    We offer a cabinet here called Big Daddy Plus , and this system can be configured at our shop
    to the tiny house or cabin it will be installed in. This make installation of the solar power system almost
    plug-n-play. We have DC power refigerator that uses 70 watts to run, and not like those AC refrigerators around
    the same size that uses 1100 watts to run. We also offer DC powered air conditioners w/ heaters, heat pumps and
    other items. We already work with several ” tiny house manufactures ” here in Alabama. We would like to give your
    company a quote on some projects that you are working on . Thanks for your time and consideration on the matter.
    CES Solar Power Division
    Jeff L Steele

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