Winter Living in your Tiny Home

Freedom… it’s what we all dream of!  Being out in nature with your Tiny Idahome is a great way to achieve that.  But with nature comes all the elements as well.  Staying warm in your tiny home is always something people worry about especially when the weather outside is “freezing”!  Here are a few ideas of how to keep your tiny home warm and toasty during the frigid winter months.
If you are staying in one place for most of the winter, under skirting would help with keeping your tiny home warm and tanks protected.   There are many forms of under skirting available: plywood, heavy-duty plastic, foam and cement blocks.  I’m sure there are others that I’ve missed.  One thing that may cause a problem is using straw or hay bales.  They attract rodents; get moldy and are hard to remove when they break down.
Holding tanks and lines are always a main concern for people.  Holding tank manufacturers claim that a typical heated and enclosed underbelly will only protect from freezing down to about 14-20 ° F.  Holding tank heaters are available in 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC models and are thermostatically controlled to turn on below 44° F and turn off at 64° F.  Testing on these products have shown that exposed holding tanks were safe to -11°F and enclosed tanks could withstand even colder temperatures.
Some options for your water lines would be to install some heated tape You can also install foam pipe covers to help keep your piping nice and warm as well.
Last but not least, if you are staying in one spot for the winter months that has hookups and you want to protect your fresh water supply, you could install a heated hose.  These are thermostatically controlled that will turn on when the temperatures drop to 45° F and turn off at 57° F. 
Living “Tiny” is an adventure.  An adventure worth living!

​Holding tank heaters
​Heated hose
Foam pipe covers
​Heated Tape

Tiny Idahomes has your Tiny House Financial Needs!!!

When you want to take the comfort of your home with you on the road but you do not have the money to pay outright for a tiny house, that makes it a little difficult doesn’t it? Well, Tiny Idahomes can help you finance your Tiny House RV. We worked really hard to get set up with all the necessary institutions to make the loan process really easy for our customers. We are part of NADA – so your tiny house has a book value – great for when you buy a Tiny Idahome but even better if you ever want to sell it down the road as your tiny house will have a value and someone else will be able to get a bank loan. We are working with Banks and Credit Unions all over United States which makes it easier for customers everywhere – no matter what state they are in. We will even work with your own bank that you trust and been banking with for years.
Tiny House RV loans are different depending on the bank or credit union and their packages but we have noticed that for loan amounts:

$2,000 – $9,999 – loans go up to 5 years
$10,000 – $24,999 – loans go up to 10 years
$25,000 – $74,999 – loans go up to 15 years
$75,000 + Loans go up to 20 years

***All these terms might change depending on the financial institution.
***APR will vary depending on each individual financial situation

Tiny Idahome Display Model for one of the biggest Automotive Manufacturer

TIny Idahomes had the amazing opportunity to build a Tiny Idahome Shell for one of the biggest automotive manufacturer around. This tiny house will be used a display model/ background drop for all their vehicles and it will be at all the biggest events and shows in 2017 where the manufacturer will be participating. The first event the Tiny Idahome will be seen at is the Miami International Boat Show January 16th through January 20th. If you are in Miami, or close enough, stop by and take a peak. Maybe you can snap some pictures for us

Ginger’s Gem before and after

People are always curious about before and after pictures of our Tiny Idahomes.  Ginger was nice enough to share some or her beautiful furnished picture to us and we have provided the final constuction picture.  Hope you enjoy!

Dream Living In Your Own Tiny Idahome

Whether you are soon to be empty nesters looking to downsize, or just wanting a more personal space made just for you, we have the Tiny Idahome you are looking for!  At Tiny Idahomes we specialize in custom builds that make your new tiny home RV everything you have every dreamed of. 
​Take your tiny home RV where you want to go!  From the heat of the desert to the rugged beauty of the mountains, your Tiny Idahome has what you are looking for.  One of the most questions we are asked in how well they stay cool and warm in different living enviroments.  With our outstanding craftsmanship in building and insulation, your Tiny Idahome will sure to keep you confortable.  Check out our testimonial page for what some of our customers are saying about us and their amaizng Tiny Idahomes!


Tim and Carmen’s French Storybook Tiny House RV


A few months ago Carmen and Tim came into our office asking us if we would be able to build them their dream tiny house that looks and feels like the old French Storyteller with lots of chandeliers and special touches. It was definitely a different request that required a lot of customization but intrigued us as a builder as it was something different than what we have built before. We sat down and talked to them and, after a little while of intense work, we all came up with th floor plan that worked the best and moved on to building the tiny house. It took us about 3 months to build it – beginning to end and we think we have achieved the look they were going for. What do you think?

Here are the specs of this Tiny House RV:28′ Long Custom Clear Creek Model
2 X 4 Construction
Blown in Fiberglass Batt Insulation – R-13 in walls, R-13 Ceiling and R-13 Floor
Board and Batt Siding
Barrel roof – flat metal  – dark gray
Jeld Wen windows  1500 series – single hung – tempered glass
Custom Built Large outside storage over the tongue of the trailer.
Custom built window shutters with heart cut outs on all windows. Black on the outside and metallic blue interior.
3’ Back Porch covered by the 7’ loft
Outswing door with a beautiful Grande Victorian door knob.
All the interior wall is paintable plywood which offers the smooth inside wall interior.
The floor is weathered oak charlotte vinyl flooring
2 Lofts – one 7’ loft above the porch and kitchen with custom built stairs with drawers to counter height and ladder attached to the wall
Second loft is the master loft – 9’ long – located over the bathroom. Custom built L shape recessed stairs to the loft. Split queen bed with individual adjustments for custom articulation for zero gravity position.
9’ front bathroom with sliding barn style door. 1’ wide bookshelf with opening to the Livingroom (only visible when door closed).
5’ long custom built storage with 12 drawers and 3 upper cubbies in the bathroom and big spacious utility closet under the stairs. Bath tub is Ofuro soaking tub, a 48” Amery polished chrome bathtub with chrome finish signature hardware pasaia tub faucet and fiberglass surround for the tub shower.
Beautiful custom bathroom sink with translucent corian stand (led lit)
Rear Kitchen with with Glacier Bay kitchen cabinets (drawers only) – toe kicks drawers to raise height of the countertops to 42”
Corian designer white countertop on one side of the cabinets and Corian Bedford Marble on the other side of the cabinets. Kitchen sink is und-mount designer white Corian sink with chrome finish Brantford one handle high arc pullout kitchen faucet.
Kitchen has a Maytag side by side refrigerator and freezer. Breville smart oven convection toaster oven.
30 AMP RV Power Cord and Connection
RV Propane Connection with propane cover. Hose Bib water connection
Atwood 10 gallon dual electric/propane water heater.
Pex Plumbing pipe
3” Sewer  Connection