Are You Ready for a Tiny Home?


Tiny Homes, or living tiny, is a huge movement taking place right now!  Coast to coast people are rethinking what is important to them and deciding to change the way they live.  You may have heard about this, read about this or maybe have seen programs on TV about it.  You may have even wondered if living in a Tiny Home is for you!?  We are here to help in that process.
We have compiled a list of things to think about and also reasons why others have decided to make this extraordinary life change:
1.  Are you looking to build a home with a foundation or do you want a house on wheels? 
2.  Do you want the freedom to have your home move with you instead of having to sell and look for a                         new place to live?  RVIA certified Tiny Homes give you the freedom you move and travel with your home.  These Tiny Homes are built to RVIA standards that allow you to tow it and park it in an RV park or on private property (depending on the city codes where you live)
3.  Is saving money something you want to achieve?  Like most of us we would all like to save more money.  Living in a Tiny RV Home can help with that!  Financial freedom is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of Tiny Homes.  They have a significant lower price tag than an average home and the monthly costs associated with them.  Studies have shown that tiny home owners have a higher than average savings compared to large homeowners
4.  Do you want to reduce your “carbon footprint” on the planet?  If you answered yes then living “Tiny” may be the perfect solution for you by reducing the amount of natural resources you need to live.
5.  Are you looking to downsize?  Living “Tiny” requires you to rethink the relationship you have with “stuff”.  With limited space for storage, people really take a good look at what they really need and really use in everyday life.
6.  Are you concerned with the smaller square footage compared to a regular home?  Tiny Home owners would encourage you to take a good look around you every day and the actual space you use.  You would be surprised about what little square footage you use.
At Tiny Idahomes we are here to help you every step of the way!  We want your experience to be the best that it can be.  Whether you are looking for a total custom floor plan or want some ideas from our base models, let us be there to guide you through this life changing process.

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