34′ Goose neck trailer with 3 slides $66,500.00 


34′ gooseneck RVIA certified Tiny House RV with master bedroom with slideout queen bed, built in desk with wall mount tv, and the bedroom has its own ac/heater. The bathroom has beautiful custom tile for the shower, and bathroom floor, has 2 shower heads one which is a rain head, pedestal sink with waterfall faucet, and a RV toilet. The kitchen has a propane stove/oven, a black fiberglass sink, 3 way fridge that runs off 12 volt propane, or 120 volt, custom counter tops, and reclaimed white oak custom built cabinets. The living room has 2 72″ couches in the slide outs that fold down to beds with storage underneath, reclaimed oak built in entertainment center, with a 40″ built in tv, and a dvd sound system. The living room has custom carpet that matches the bedroom, and pergo floors in the kitchen. another AC/heater is mounted in the kitchen, and custom 12 volt led lighting to light up the beautiful metal ceilings. The is a small breakfast bar built in to eat at with washer dryer hookups underneath. everything will run off of the batteries except the tv’s and AC system, and it has holding tanks to get you by without hookups for a bit. On the exterior of the trailer you have a electric 20′ awning and a outdoor entertainment area, and french doors with built in blinds. I know I have forgot something but please email with any questions and Yes this is RVIA certified total weight is 13,200 lbs dry 

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  1. I like the outside layout but would prefer the inside be done different. Maybe only one or two slide-outs. 27′ to 29′ would be plenty long enough for me. Do you or can you do something which is shorter and weighs less?

  2. I am like Ms. Smith – Love the look outside. I would like different options inside. Are you planning to make more? Is it ever possible to get a bath tub?

    1. Hello, we do custom builds so we would be able to build any size that you are wanting with the interior done to your liking. Options like bath tubs are available as well

  3. I love this but would change a few things. i am very interested in purchasing a tiny home. can i get more information on getting one built for myself

  4. Suzanne, if you could send us an email (tinyidahomes@gmail.com) I’d be more than happy to give you some information and answer any questions that you may have.

  5. Can you do a blog post with pictures of the slide outs. Like how its supported, how easily it slides and how weatherproof it would be in a storm. thanks.

    1. Joe, it is just like any other slide out you will find with other RV manufacturers. I would suggest going down to your local RV store if you are curious as to how they work. They are completely sealed with rubber from the inside and outside so they will hold up in storm weather but just like any other slide out there are possibilities of leaking in extreme weather. Thank you so much

  6. Can you get this model in a 36′ length? Under bed storage? Work in a washer/ dryer combo? Select the inside finishes? Fit a small farm dining table? Can you get the living area couches in other material or color such as white? I am very interested in investing in this model, the cost, delivery options, and build time.

    1. Looking at these beautiful homes, how do you folks justify spending 69,000.00./ I would love to live in a very small house and am just wondering how to make sense of the money part.Thanks

      1. By your question I am guessing you feel that this is expensive for a home. Expensive or cheap are relative to each persons financial situation, life experiences, location they live in and many other factors. While 70,000 might be a lot of money to you, for others that live in areas where the median home prices are 500,000 to 700,000 this is ridiculously affordable. Please keep in mind not everyone is willing or able to move to small town usa where houses are under 100,000. Just like there are “regular homes” in a multitude of price ranges to meet most people’s budgets so too tiny houses come in a variety of prices.

  7. Jesse, you’re really upping you game! This is awesome, and I now put you in the top two buidlers in the country! Keep up the great work!

    1. We work with rv shippers and it would probably be around the 3-$3,500 range we will take care of shipping for a full price offer of $67,000

  8. Wow! This is great! I love 5th wheels with the front living room and you have captured that. I wish I could find somewhere that I can put a tiny home here in Colorado, I’d love to take this one off your hands.

    1. Carrie, this is a fifth wheel RV. So wherever you can park a fiberglass RV, you can park this one as well. It is RVIA certified and you can park it in any RV Camp Ground if you would like to. Please let me know if you have any more questions

  9. Wow, this is amazing. The perfect blend of a 5th wheel and tiny home. I love it. Is it possible to customize a goose neck tiny home with slides? I’m interested for my family of 5.

    1. Andrea, this is what we do. We build custom RVs. We work with our customer plans and designs and we make it happen. We like to say, if you dream it we can build it (as long as it meets our RV codes) Feel free to email or call us with any questions you have.
      Thank you

  10. Love the home! I see the dry weight, but what is the trailer max weight and axle ratings? I.e. Cargo capacity
    I also assume it has black and gray tanks since its RVIA? Thanks!

  11. I am interested in buying a tiny house. Is this possible to be moved to california Los Angeles Ca. Is there a possibility of the same set up as the Gooseneck but a lot cheaper if a different material is used . My son is 22 yeats old and will just be spending his savings. He wanted to take the home where his clinical will be. If not Do you have other model relative like this but different price range??
    I will appreciate your immediate response. God Bless

  12. Hello, we are interested in your 34′ Goose neck trailer. Can you please let us know what warranties come with this purchase.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Chelsea, we are a custom RV builder so we can build you an RV that has your floor plans and design. Please feel free to call or email us for more info

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