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Since we have opened our doors I have focused on becoming RVIA certified, to benefit our customers and product. There are lots of rumors and myths pertaining to RVIA certification, but I would like to clear up the biggest one. It is not a Requirement, you do not need it to get a loan, to travel with your RV, or get insurance. It is a code certification group we as builders decide we want to be involved with, and yes there are other certification companies out there that are very good companies. Some Parks, or certain places can decide if they want to require a particular certification company, and  turn away other certifications. That is their right just like it is your right to decide to stay at that park, keep in mind the owner of that RV park has insurance and it may not cover RV’s that are not certified. RVIA is the most widely know and recognized certification company, and we at Tiny Idahomes wanted the to be able to give our customers the same rights as any RV owner has, be able to stay at any RV park that any other RV owner can. We have been trying to prove that our Tiny Idahomes product is no different than any other RV that is going down the highway, and have been pursuing this certification for the past 9 months. Well we are happy to announce that we are now RVIA certified and can certify our products we sell to the general public. Thank you to everyone for your support and we look forward to making our customers dreams come true for years to come. 

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  1. Jessie, Bobby and I are so happy for you! Congratulations, we knew you would succeed in getting this certification.Thank you for all your dedication and hard work in the Tiny House community. We look forward to watching your Tiny House business grow!

  2. Howdy, congrats on the RVIA cert! You mentioned that insurance can be gotten without the cert? Im having trouble getting quotes with or with out the cert….Any way you could point me in the right direction for an agent or company that you have worked successfully with? Thanks! -Evan

  3. So you do not build tiny houses meant to be lived in permanently. You build RVs that by RIVA own strict definition is meant to be for recreational or seasonal use only and NOT intended to be permanent housing in any way shape or fashion. Seems like you need to pick one. Are you a home building company or a RV building company. You cant have both in one unit.

    1. John,
      We are a RV manufacturer, as our product is intended to travel down the road. we started this company with the intent to build a higher quality RV that can with sand the winters of idaho and for us that is a weekend getaway that we pull around. Yes we have customers that live in there RV full time as they are traveling for jobs or fun they just get to feel like they are at home while doing so. This lifestyle is not for everyone but it does meet the needs of others whether it be a weekend or full time use.

  4. Congrats on your certification. How or what are the paths or steps you had to take to get to this point? Please be as specific as possible. I’m having trouble in my online search. I keep finding out about technicians certification.

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