Tiny Idahomes latest build the Zamora Vardo made the paper. 

Tiny Idahomes just completed another build and one of the most unique builds we have ever done. The owners call it the Zamora Vardo and plan to take on on a wellness tour across the country with many stops in multiple states. Tiny Idahomes did very well at trying to match the couples ideas and drawing as close as possible and fitting everything in a small area. We installed old family antiques into the Tiny house RV, and kept this build with the lowest possible chemical usage as requested by the owners. I will publish a list of the chemicals used as soon as finished as we are very impressed by how low it is.  This was the very first Tiny house RV that we have installed a built in rain harvest system into the roof, and a slide out patio along with many other features. The exterior of this build has charred cedar with rusted metal bottom, and a very custom dutch door. here are a few pictures and a link to the first of many news paper articles on the couple and their custom Tiny house RV. 
More details and specs about the TIny House RV will be posted soon.

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