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  1. What’s the total square feet and also what’s the cost to move this to the Big Island??? Maybe you don’t even do this because you stated 48 states. Also what do you think the cost would be if you wanted solar panels??? Enjoy your day and thanks so much!!
    Sincerely, Lor

    1. The total is about 300 sqft.
      We would have to look into the current cost of shipping to the big island. The last couple of units that went to Hawaii were smaller than this one. We would pay $3,000 of the total.
      We do offer solar kits. The panels plug into the house but are not directly attached directly to the house. This way you can position the panels at the optimal angle to the sun without changing the orientation of your house. Price depends on the size of the system.
      There are a lot of variables involved in this choice.
      For more information you can email me at tim at(@) tinyidahomes.com or call (208) 458-0576


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