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This luxury tiny house space has the most explosive window views. The experience continues throughout the residence, with a series of breathtaking moments reflecting a perfect balance between function and form.

A wealth of gorgeous Corian counter-top elements elevate the residence, lending the home warmth and dimension. The  Clear Creek affords its owner a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience traveling in perfect harmony; to live where the ocean meets the sky.


Here’s your chance to live in your own tiny.

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The Clear Creek 8’6 by 24′ Base Price $45,850


  • Exterior dimensions are 24′ long by 8’6″ total width that includes roof overhang and total height of 13’5″ tall which includes the trailer of 2′ from the ground.
  • New Custom made trailer designed for the weight distribution of your build
  • Insulation is blow in fiberglass and as follows R­13 floor, R­15 walls, and R­15 ceiling insulation r factors are a rough estimate
  • Smartboard board and batt siding
  • Metal roof, color of choice. Overhangs house walls by 2 inch on both sides.
  • 8′ loft above kitchen and bathroom
  • Rear bathroom with regular porcelain toilet, very small bathroom sink (as in picture), washer dryer hookups, 32”x32” shower pan with glue up shower walls and no shower door.
  • Mid kitchen with a single basin stainless sink with a pullout faucet, a Danby 4 burner propane rv stove with oven, and a 9.9 cu.ft. Danby fridge.
  • All kitchen cabinets to be Home Depot pre assembled in stock (call for other options)
  • One sheet Congoleum vinyl floor
  • Laminate Counter top
  • All interior walls to be pine tongue and groove or painted plywood with seams every 4′(color chosen by the customer)
  • Stairs are Pine custom built and as close to code as possible
  • 30 amp rv connection and 50 amp panel, all electrical devices to be white
  • 3″ rv twist drain connection, hose water connection plumbing pipe will be pex with chrome handles and fittings
  • Propane rv 6 gallon water heater mounted under kitchen sink with access door on outside wall
  • All windows to be white slider type and front door is 60″x80 french door.
  • 1-­24″x27″ obscured window (bathroom)
    2­-46″x39″ (living room)
    1­-24”x27” (kitchen)
    2­-46″x10″ (loft)

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    1. Catherine, if this does not work for you, it certainly does not mean that it will not work for someone else. This tiny house travel trailer was equipped with a lot of extra equipment that you may or you may not see in the pictures.

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