The Ultimate Tiny House On Wheels

The creation of a world class tiny house.
It started as a vision.  

This couple was inspired to create their own tiny house reflecting their home away from home. Customization was key. Nobody could deny that this tiny house is unique. The first step was to find a builder to support their dream. Their search led them to Tiny Idahomes.

They wanted it all! A theater system and a custom light up shower. Custom LED Light Panels is what you see below with translucent fo marble paneling . This enhanced their design & appeal to this truly one of a kind tiny house . This modern way of back lighting has been designed by top notch designers from CPD lighting.

Tiny homes are more than just about features and design. They’re also about comfort, elegance and about that something extra that turns a tiny house into a “home”.

We hope that, through our incredible team, we can help you make the move to your next dream home.

About Tiny Idahomes Custom Tiny House Builders,

We offer start-to-finish solutions for every project including full design services, tiny house plans and expert advise focused on your new tiny home construction. We specialize in custom RV manufacturing and build the finest RV’s (tiny homes on wheels)!

We are a Family owned and operated business and perform all levels of RV building.

We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work,and you’ll agree that we’re the best choice for your tiny house project.

Do you love the ultimate simplicity in design and openness it exudes at its best? Call today 208-468-0576 to receive your complimentary custom quote. We look forward to building your dream home smaller & mobile.

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Baby Guessing Contest – Win up to $250 gift card to Amazon

It’s baby time!!! As most of you know we are expecting our second baby and we can’t believe we are officially 2 weeks away from meeting our new baby girl and welcoming her to our family this month. We are all so excited beyond belief – especially Brixley, our first born daughter who is so anxious to meet her little sissy.  All of us here at Tiny Idahomes have decided to play a little game that is fun and involves guessing the basics of our new baby like arrival date, time, weight and height. The person that guesses correctly or comes the closest can win up to $250 gift card to Amazon.

Baby Guessing Contest– Here is how it works. Everything will be based on a point system of the basics.  You will have 4 questions to answer correctly and we will give you points for getting them exactly correct and half credit for those not going over.

If you go over – NO points. The person that gets the most points wins!

  • Date of Birth – Here is a clue. Due date October 17th. Our first born came 3 days early. Get this answered correctly and you will get a full point if you will be under or no points if you are over.
  • Weight – Just guess the weight including ounces. If you go over – NO POINTS. If you get close but under – you receive one point. Nail and get two points.
  • Height – Good luck! Same goes for this.
  • Time of Day – I’ll give you a hint our first daughter was born at 6:23 a.m.

Score – I’ll tally those up and the person that has the most points wins! If for some reason there is a tie – we’ll choose a grand prize winner.

 We’re extremely excited to welcome our little angel soon.