Customer update (Sophia & Nash)


I would like to show everyone some pictures that were sent to me as Sophia and Nash get settled into their tiny house RV. It is not very often I get to see pictures after the customer has put in their belongings, and as we all know it makes a big difference. This also is a good example that you don’t need to give up all your clothes to live tiny, (you just need a huge bathroom) and still have room for a kitchen. They have also started a blog to document their new jurney so feel free to check it out at .

Buy your tickets now for the Tiny House RV raffle  


Finally I have the info and ability for you to purchase your raffle tickets. You may purchase them at the below link. 10.00 for 1 ticket, 25.00 for 3 tickets, 40.00 for 5 tickets, 75.00 for 10 tickets and 100.00 for 14 tickets. we will also have paper tickets  at all the events that the RV will be at, and that list of events will be posted as soon as we have it finalized. Help us support a great cause and good luck. check out photos of the raffle under our photos tab.

Portland Tiny House Conference 

Tiny Idahomes was pleased to be a sponsor and among the attendees for the Tiny house conference in Portland Oregon this past weekend. This was the first big event that we have attended, and did not know what to expect. It was a rough start as the custom build I was taking to the conference did not get finished and has never seen the road. Although not finished I believe it gave many people good ideas on how to build their own tiny house.  I was unfortunately not able to sit through any classes as we were always busy showing our tiny house/RV to people, but heard from many that they were enjoying the talks and info that was given. The best part of the whole event for me personally was to finally getting to meet in person many of the people I talk to on the web. I believe the people that are involved with the tiny house movement are in general some of the happiest and most easy going people I deal with and is a big reason why I enjoy my job so much.  Thank you Ryan you hosted a great event . I have attached what few pictures I have #THC2015

April’s Tiny Idahomes Update

Here are some pictures of this months projects.  It’s been a busy month, lots of exciting things going on. First off we are thrilled for the Portland Conference Show coming up, we will be one of the sponsors and the custom 5th wheel is looking great. Also, we have a raffle project we are working on. Tiny Idahomes is currently partnering with non-profit organization, Supportive Housing & Innovative Partnership Inc. to raffle off a trailer. We hope to be selling tickets sometime early May. The projects are coming along beautifully…please feel free to contact Tiny Idahomes if you are in the market for a custom RV…we are here for all your custom RV, tiny house and RV service needs.

New addition to Tiny Idahomes completed custom designs

Happy to say our first local customer’s tiny home RV completed all the way down to the doggy door, she will be taking it home next week. Please contact Tiny Idahomes for all you RV needs from having a new custom built design to having your current RV serviced.

Another successful open house 

I would like to thank everyone that came out to our 2nd open house, I believe it was a success. Where else can you go you go and see 3 complete tiny houses (I can think of only one other place). I am so grateful we get to build beautiful custom RV’s for customers and make there dreams come true. For everyone that missed it we had 3 complete models to walk through, but don’t worry we will have another open house when we have other models that are finished. 

New 26’ Tiny house for sale.

I currently have a 26′ blue house for sale. It is legal to pull down the road with no special permits, just hook up and go. It connects to water, sewer, and power just like a RV would. It weighs 8,400lbs with a tongue weight of 1,020lbs, it is 13’4″ tall and 8’6″ wide. It has propane on demand hot water heater, propane stove/oven, spot for a full size fridge, full size shower, water flushing toilet, small bathroom sink, built in desk, and small porch. please contact us if you have any questions. Click on images to enlarge

More Tiny House Pictures

Here are some more pics from the Open House.
Click photos to enlarge.

Open House Was Awesome!

Hey everyone…Dan here.
It was great to meet many of you at the open house on Saturday! What a fun time for all that made it out!
Jesse and his wife did an amazing job informing us all about the the homes they build and were also answering a variety of questions ranging from:

  • Tiny House Costs
  • Insurance
  • Square Footage
  • Towing
  • Parking
  • Insulation
  • Customization 
  • and a whole lot more!

Thanks also for the lunch and goodies 🙂
I took a lot of photos and also some videos that I will be posting over several blog posts.
If you missed this open house be sure to stay tuned to the website for announcements of upcoming events! You won’t want to miss it! Below are some photos from the event with more to come!
Click on images to enlarge.

Building Tiny Homes and Big Dreams


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