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About Tiny Idahomes LLC,


Family owned and operated, we perform all levels of Custom RV and tiny home building .
We offer start-to-finish solutions for your Custom RV or tiny home on wheels project. We also offer full design services.

  • We custom build your new Tiny Home to be what YOU want it to be!
  • We are the designer and builder!
  • Delivery available to anywhere
  • Based in Nampa, Idaho, we are licensed, bonded and insured
  • As a member of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), we are committed to meet all safety standards and federal motor vehicle regulations required to register your Tiny Idahome as a recreation vehicle (RV).  This may offer many advantages including the transportation, placement and financing of your unit.
Quality Construction Guaranteed!

Customer Testimonials

Cynthia and Ray 12/12/2016

We have been in our house 6 months. The weather has ranged from over 90 degrees to 4 degrees. The wind has gusted to over 35 mph. Our house has been warm and cozy in winter and cool and comfortable in the heat.

We love the interior set up that we designed. Jesse and his team worked hard to get all our dreams in the house plus some added benefits.

I am always showing pictures of my house and people are always giving it much praise.

This will be our home forever

In working with Jesse and his family and team we have not only gained peace of mind in a well constructed home but friends for life.

Daysi and William 06/12/2016

​We have been living in our tiny house for two months now. We absolutely love it. One thing that we recently noticed is how well insulated it is. We live in Phoenix and it has been 110-115 degrees. Our house has no problem staying cool. Even in the loft.
The house is very well designed and we don’t feel like we are lacking anything that you would have in a full,sized house. We have a decent sized bathroom with a bathtub, a full sized fridge, washer and dryer, nice big sink and a lot of closet space. My wife didn’t have to give up any clothes. 

Lisa and Mike 05/31/2016

The best decision we ever made was to buy our tiny house. Then choosing Jesse & Anca at Tiny Idahomes was our best tiny decision. From day one of working with Jesse he answered every questions professionally, honestly and promptly. Right away we felt secure that we were making the right choice. We originally planned to design and build with Tiny Idahomes but when The Blue Tiny House came for sale we jumped on it. Our house was built already and felt it was the right choice, price and time frame for us.
The Blue Tiny House arrived in the January of 2015. We customized the house
with our taste, adding stairs, a couch and extending the loft. Jesse was kind enough to offer advice and even sent the same wood with our house for our loft. Any problem or question to arise, from starting with the loan process, the titling, insurance to assisting with any problem we had, Tiny Idahomes went above and beyond. When we had a problem with our water heater, or a leak issue Jesse was promptly there and doing everything he could do to fix the problem.
Buying The Blue Tiny House was the scariest, but the best decision, and thankfully we know we bought from the best builder there is. There are not many companies for any product today that will support you the way Tiny Idahomes supports their homes. They truly make you feel secure, confident and a part of the Tiny Idahomes family.
We have been currently living full time for over a year and traveling across the country. The Blue Tiny House was made to travel. We have gone through narrow mountain roads, steep grades and high winds. The house has travelled over 4000 miles from Idaho to St. Louis, back to Idaho then to Reno, NV and California.
Our house has also enabled us to live where ever and however we wish, but has taught us the right priorities.

Kate 03/08/2016

​My tiny house was Jesse’s second build and I couldn’t be happier that I found him to build my place. He was very attentive to what I desired for the interior, such as stairs vs. a ladder for the bedroom dormer, moved around a few windows, and added a shub ( a small shower/tub). It is coming up to two years that I have lived full time in my place and is has been a learning curve to say the least. This winter was bitterly cold. Night time temperatures were in the negatives, or single digits and other than making insulated window coverings, I stayed comfortably warm. There are a few tricks to the trade living tiny; I keep a broom by the front door to knock the snow that is shedding off the roof and leaving the cupboard doors open to keep the interior lines from freezing. Over all I am very happy with my place and would recommend TinyIdahomes to everyone. Thank you Jesse and TinyIdahomes

Sophia and Nash 01/18/2016

We had quite a unique experience with Jesse and Anca during our tiny house search! Luckily, we were able to make trips to the shop to first meet with both of them and see some of his work. The prices and designs were just perfect. The homes felt so spacious and we find ourselves saying how “big” our tiny home really feels! Jesse and Anca make the process so easy. We were full of questions and they were full of answers. We really feel so close to them and would not trade this experience for anything! The quick call backs and customer attention is wildly appreciated. Thanks again for all of your continued hard work! We will always have a home in Idaho 🙂
The Zinks

Larry and Michelle 12/23/2015

We researched and contacted at least 10 other tiny home builders before choosing tinyidahomes.  Working with Jesse and Anca was great. They worked with us on customizing our house, staying within our budget, and patiently addressed all our many questions and concerns as the build progressed. They always responded quickly, even after we took delivery, so we really felt taken care of in the process.
The end result: we love our tiny house! It is beautiful, functional, and built with care and quality.

Thanks Anca and Jesse!

Second Chance Building Materials 12/22/2015

Second Chance Building Materials had the wonderful opportunity to work with Tiny Idahomes on a fundraiser to help support our mission of preventing drug abuse in our community, rebuilding the lives of people in recovery from substance abuse by providing supportive housing, recovery support services and providing employment training programs and green job opportunities.
Jesse and Anca were professional and extremely helpful in making this first year a huge success. Their quality of work and their exceptional standards of their custom craftsmanship of their products is amazing. If you want great custom RV, then Tiny Idahomes is the place to go. You will not be disappointed!
What a exceptional family owned business providing unique and remarkable custom made products. We are proud to have worked with such great people who care about their local community.

Thank you Jesse and Anca for all that you do and we wish you continued success on your business.

Kathleen​ 12/03/2015

​I had a wonderful experience with Tiny Idahomes. They helped me make my dream come true. From working with Jesse to decide exactly how my tiny house would look to getting all the support I needed from Anca with dealing with some of the other challenging logistics, I had the sense of being in good hands throughout the whole process. Jesse kept me updated as the house was being built and always encouraged me to give honest feedback and to share any concerns I had. The day my house arrived was a day I will never forget. Even once things were completed, they still stuck with me through the glitches and struggles I was up against as a new homeowner. Now I am in my house and have never felt so at home in my whole life. Thank you guys for helping me take a huge step in moving toward the kind of life I want which brings me tranquility and contentment.