Frequently Asked Questions about Tiny Idahomes

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: As of January 2017 we have been in business for 3 years.

Q: Why is better to have Tiny Idahomes build my Tiny House for me?
A: We are a licensed manufacturer, and to become a manufacturer in Idaho you need an address that is zoned manufacturing, manufacturing insurances, bonding insurance, and all licenses are posted at our facility. 

Q: How many people work at Tiny Idahomes?
A: We are a family owned business that employs 20 full time employees.

Q: What special memberships do you have?
A: We are members of RVIA, the biggest RV membership program available. We are also NATM members, our custom trailers are designed for Tiny house RV’s and not just another flatbed trailer.

Q: I’m not really sure what kind of Tiny House I want. What sort of Tiny House can you build?
A : We custom build to a customer specs and also have base models available for sale.

Q: How do I know I’m paying a fair price for my Tiny House?
A: We are one of the few Tiny House RV manufacturers that are in NADA so your unit will have a Book Value which makes it easier to get bank financing.

Q: I don’t have the money to pay cash, do you offer financing?
A: Yes, we can provide financing OAC for your new Tiny House.

Q: How long does it take to build?
A: Our build time is normally 6-8 weeks on base models other than the Carpathian.

Q: Tiny Idahomes is in Idaho but I live in another state. Can you ship my Tiny House to me when complete?
A: Yes, We work with rv shippers and can ship anywhere in the United States.

Q: I have property that I want to put my home on. Will your Tiny Houses work off grid?
A: Yes, we can build off grid and completely self-contained units.

Q: What if I have a problem with my appliances or something else?
A: We are a trained and certified warranty provider for most RV appliances and parts including water heaters and stoves.

Q: I know a lot of conventional  fifth wheels and travel trailers have slideouts. Is that something that can be done on a Tiny House?
A: Yes, We are one of the few builders with electric slideouts and electric beds.

Q: Sounds great! Any other things I should know about?

A: We are also a Corian countertop certified installer and are a licensed RV dealer so we can sell direct to the customers.