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As a business we get lots of request to donate and or help by giving away product for sale or raffle, and unfortunately we are not in the position to help them all. This year we were asked by Kids First Cast and Howards Tackle Shop  to help with their non profit in some sort of way, and it did not take me longer than 30 seconds to commit to helping as I enjoy fishing and the outdoors and like to see kids get out and fish. Locally, Kids First Cast is known for giving out kids fishing poles to young kids and most of the time, it is the child’s first pole they have ever had. Once a year, Kids First Cast sets up a casting pond at an event called Cabin Fever, and they were needing a storage unit to keep all the equipment for this event along with a back-droop of a cabin that sits behind the casting pond. This is were Tiny Idahomes comes in and, instead of a cloth backdrop or a storage shed, we did both by building Kids first Cast a cabin looking storage shed with temp wheels so it can be rolled inside the mall where the event is held. The Idea was to make something that looked like it has been sitting in the woods for years, and I believe we accomplished this but feel free to let us know your thoughts, and thank you Kids first cast for letting us help with such a wonderfull orginazation. Here our the links for kids first cast and howards tackle shop

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  1. At a glance, 4 typos in this one paragraph, not including no period at the end of it. — Some people might think that is sloppy work, and maybe that you don’t pay attention to details.
    If you can’t be bothered to fix an easy fix (spellchecker) and make it right. What happens when it’s something complicated. . . and critical? Just my observation. I don’t need a reply.

    1. Barbara,
      Easy. This company does a wonderful thing like this and all you can do is criticize the grammar .Come on. I think it looks great and I hope everyone appreciates the time and effort the crew at Tiny Idahomes put in to get this done.
      Well done.

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